Employee Advisors

What is an Employee Advisor and how can they help me?

“While your supervisor, department head, Provost, Associate Provost or Human Resource Office representative may usually be best able to provide direct assistance, if you prefer to consult with a neutral, confidential party outside of the normal administrative channels, you may speak with an Employee Advisor. Employee Advisors are colleagues who have been designated as an additional resource to help you clarify your options when you have an employment related concern. You may consult an Employee Advisor when you are not sure to whom you should address your concern or when you do not feel ready to address your concern with your supervisor, Human Resources or the Provost’s Office.

Employee Advisors will listen to your employment related concern. They will discuss with you the College’s policies and practices that may be applicable to your situation and the options you may want to consider for addressing your concern. If you request, they may accompany you to a meeting with your supervisor or another administrator. Employee Advisors do not have the authority to make administrative decisions, but they may be able to assist you in finding answers to questions about policies and procedures. They are not mediators or counselors, and if personal problems are impacting your work, they may be able to direct you to resources available in the community.

Employee Advisors are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of all members of the College community. They will maintain your confidentiality. With rare exceptions, they will not discuss your concern, or even the fact that you consulted them, with anyone else without your permission. An exception would be if you were to reveal information indicating that a serious violation of College policy is occurring that puts the College or members of the College community at significant risk. If an employee advisor receives a report of criminal activity, or threat of harm to any individual, he/she/they may be required to act on that information. Employee Advisors will submit quarterly reports to the President, Human Resources and the Provost. These reports will include the number of people who consulted them and the general categories of concern”

Visit the Employee Advisors page on the Human Resources website for the current Employee Advisors.